The Sound of Music: Stumble-Through, Day Off, Work Act II

In Theatre on July 2, 2014 at 7:38 pm

The Fallon House Theatre is a charming, small, older venue with no flyspace and any number of ghosts rumored to be hanging about. It’s in Columbia, California — an old west town that is a state park with little shops and saloons and hotels and such. I love working there.

On Sunday, we stumbled through the show. It went rather well; last night, we worked through Act II. Soon, I shall begin shifting set pieces and such. Fun times.

Ruby and Grace informed me early on Saturday or Sunday that my name was Captain Farty McPoopyPants, but then one of the other girls (under her mother’s direction, I think) said she felt bad calling me names. The new name became Captain Pancakes, which seems to have stuck.

Why Pancakes? Your guess is as good as mine.

So, now Ruby is General Disarray (thank you, South Park) and Grace is Admiral Flugeloom. They seem satisfied with their titles.

Monday we (Maria, the Baroness, Max, Rolf and Lisette [company manager]) went wine tasting in Murphys. It was lovely. The number of wine tasting venues in Murphys has skyrocketed in the last few years. Where once there were maybe seven, now there are twenty-five. The order of business was as follows:

Lunch at Firewood (I had the turkey burger)
Tasting at Hatcher
Walk walk walk
Tasting at … um … there was wine, and I’m forgetting which one … but Lisette works there and it was lovely
Walk walk walk
Tasting at Lavender Ridge
Cheese yum brief discussion of religion hmmm wine yum
Walk to Murphys Creek with wine, cheeses, quince paste.
Wade in the creek (I cannot do this barefoot: agony)
Wine, cheese, quince paste
Throw sticks for the awesome English Labrador
Wade some more
Walk walk walk
Ice Cream
Walk walk walk
Ride back to Sonora

It was oodles of fun. I made some people laugh.

Tonight we work Act I
Before that, I’m going thrift shopping: my jeans have ripped.
It’s 93 F outside, and my car has no air conditioning.
Fun times.

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