Edward Hightower (Role) has previously appeared at [THEATRE COMPANY] as [ROLE] in [Title Of Show]. Currently, Edward is rehearsing 42nd Street with Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre. Most recently, he played Billy Flynn in Chicago at Lucky Penny Productions in Napa, Luther Billis in South Pacific at Woodminster Amphitheatre, and Dr. Danielson in The North Pool at Dragon Productions. Other favorites include Lord Farquaad in Shrek at Woodminster Apmhitheatre (2016 TBA Award), Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady at Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre, Clown Two in The 39 Steps at San Jose Stage Company, Carl-Magnus in A Little Night Music at Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, The Storyteller in Cotton Patch Gospel at Custom Made Theatre Company, and the Emcee in Cabaret at Napa Valley Broadway Playhouse. He has performed with Theatreworks, 42nd Street Moon and Sierra Rep, among others. Come see him as Julian Marsh in 42nd Street at PCRT, November 4 – 19; Neville Craven in The Secret Garden at 42nd Street Moon, December 6 – 24, and Cervantes / Quixote in Man of La Mancha at Custom Made Theatre Company, January 11 – February 187, 2018. Edward is represented by MDT, and is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.


It’s a problem I have: saying too much, too soon. One of the reasons I sometimes have trouble writing a bio or filling in an About page. What is too much? What is not enough? I should leave you wanting more, but not necessarily more fisting. Unless you have cash.

This problem with over-eager acceptance of the first offer that comes along — be it a joke or a job or an opportunity — is what has landed me here in the first place. I used to live in Queens, I worked in Manhattan, I had a job and I had my foot in the door at a couple little theatre companies on 42nd Street. Long story short: I accepted an offer that was too good to be true, and became trapped in California. For those of you struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder anywhere where there are four distinct seasons, this may sound like a delicious pair of golden handcuffs. But California is, effectively, a theatrical backwater. Just ask Chicago and NYC.

Sure, I’m right down the metaphorical road from Berkeley Rep and Theatreworks. And I’ve understudied at both establishments. But, as anyone who has ever worked in an actual theatrical Mecca can tell you, it’s just not the same.

I’ve won a few awards for my work on stage. I’ve been nominated for a few awards for my work as a director. I’ve directed an internationally-distributed feature film that premiered on Animal Planet in 2011 and is currently streaming on Netflix — a project which has not even garnered me a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes. Fun Fact: Absolutely none of this is enough to get me hired part-time at REI or OSH, in spite of my rabid obsession with backpacking and gardening, often at the same time. (How else do you think all that weed got planted in Yosemite? Call me Johnny MunchieSeed. Or Eddy McWeedersons. Or Pagan McWankenstein. Call me whatever you want, as long as you’re calling to offer a living wage in exchange for my work as actor, director or writer.)

I’ve flirted with comedy for a long time. Here’s proof:


The other fellow in that video is Sam Craig. He blows fartbubbles from his nose because his mouth is an ass. Truth. Amen. Hallelujah. Pass the biscuits.


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