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In Intent on October 4, 2013 at 5:13 am

I recently found a Craigslist ad looking for original, unpublished short stories between 1000 and 2000 words. They pay $100.00 per story. I’ve submitted one story so far. It has been received but has yet to be rejected or accepted. I do not expect it to be accepted, but we shall see; I have a clever plan, explained below. The name of the publication is JOEY magazine, and here’s what they say about submissions:

“We are looking for original short stories. Submissions should be previously unpublished both in print and on the internet (including blogs).

For the types of stories we publish, see www.joeymagazine.com.

JOEY magazine acquires first publication rights. The stories are yours to reprint in books or anthologies but we respectfully request you mention the story was first published in JOEY magazine.

We pay $100 for each story accepted for publication.”

So here’s my plan: every day, after I write an episode of Notes From the Future, I’m going to write an additional 2,000 word short story. The short story will be submitted to JOEY.

If JOEY rejects the story, I will submit it to three other places.

If all four reject any one of my stories, I will then post it herein on a special page called Shameful Rejections.

If you are a publisher and interested in publishing my stuff before I post it, contact me.

And here are the important parts of this post:

1. If you’re a writer and you have worked with JOEY, what was it like?

2. Share: what are your best and worst experiences getting your work published by someone other than yourself or Amazon?

3. How awesome is it that the US Copyright Office is currently closed because of the Government Shutdown? Know any fun shortcuts? [Note: Political rage rants and their incestuous ilk will not be tolerated here. Civil discourse is your only option, and if you cannot engage without rage then I will block you, ban you and cast you into the bowels of the Balrog where you belong.]

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